Ask the Fruit Doctor


Vegan Bodybuilding Diets

  Should vegan bodybuilders take protein powders? What’s the best diet to build muscle? Find out here.

chicken with head in sand

Coming Out of Denial About the True State of Our Health

  The above video is from the heart and a message from me to you and your family. In Good
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How to Deal with Social Situations when trying to Eat Healthier

  Every felt sabotaged by family, friends or co-workers when trying to upgrade your diet? Here’s some tips on how
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fat, sick and nearly dead

Juicing Versus Supplementation–Which is Best?

  Learn why juicing is a better way to get all the nutrients you may be missing instead of supplementation.


How to Deal with Stress Eating

  A lot of people have their healthy eating habits derailed by stress eating. Here I discuss how I manage
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ice cream sundae

Conquering Sugar Cravings and Eating Healthy on the Go

  Do you have the best of intentions of eating healthy and yet find yourself sabotaging healthy eating with diving
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strawberry sundaes

Cooked Vegan or Raw Vegan–Making Sure you are getting all you need

  Whether we are eating a cooked vegan diet or raw vegan diet, many make a big to-do about vegan
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dry skin

Dry Skin and Calcium–Ask the Fruit Doctor

  Today’s video I address reasons for dry skin and how to eliminate it.   If you have a question
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