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Noise Pollution and its Effects on Health

  Learn how noise pollution affects our health.

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food as medicine

Permaculture is the answer to Climate Change, GMO’s, Ecological Protection and Big Ag/Factory Farms

As I write this a new documentary is premiering in New York City called “Cowspiracy” that will expose livestock’s role
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Reversing Climate Change with a Change in Our Eating Habits

My final assignment in my T. Colin Campbell’s Plant-based certificate course out of Cornell University was to make a public
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gut plastic

Whale Watching and Why I’m so Passionate about Recycling and Re-usable Bags

  I am an avid lover of the ocean and marine life. Many people are. And yet, many people don’t
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can you handle the truth

The Selling of Sickness

Some of us have a higher capacity than others to hear disturbing news. This has to do with our confidence
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