green dress made of flower pots

Edible Landscapes and Fairy Gardens

  Our gardens should be sacred spaces and be nourishing physically as well as spiritually. Here are some ideas on
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food choice and sustainability

United Nations Says to Go Vegan

  Many people are aware of animal rights activists and how they wish people to go vegan to help the
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Ed Smith Texas Mayor goes vegan

Ed Smith–Texas Mayor goes vegan, and then helps town to go vegan

  I came across an exciting article the other day: I am Facebook friends with Amanda Smith, a lovely vegan
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container gardening

Vertical Gardening–The possibilities are Endless

    Okay, here’s an idea for limited space and indoor gardens for greenhouses or in your homes. Lettuces are
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Growing Your Own Food with Anne Osborne

This picture says it all. In just a few generations, the Big Food and Big Ag companies have successfully produced
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happy salad

Saving Your Own Seed–Like Printing Your Own MONEY

  I was not raised eating healthy, knowing how to grow my own food or gardening. These are skills I’ve
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you are being lied to

You are Being Lied to: Monsanto, Big Pharma and Big Food–the Unholy Trinity–my rant

So the above video is from Chris, a young man who was able to beat stage 3 colon cancer via
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raw can cure

When Vegans Get Cancer

  A lot of people have read T. Colin Campbell’s book “The China Study” and read about how rats fed
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sugar and salt

Salt, Sugar, Fat–How the Food Giants Hooked Us–A must-read book

    I’ve been reading a book by the title Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by
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victory gardens

GMO’s, Rachel Parent and How I would have answered Kevin O’Leary

I watched the above video when it was shared with me and I have to say, I felt the need
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