Gardening and Permaculture

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supplements vs organic produce

Supplements Vs. Organic Produce

      Which has better nutrition: supplements or organic produce? I discuss that topic in this video.

organic pest control

Organic Pest Control with Essential Oils

  Learn how we can use essential oils for completely non-toxic pest control in home and garden.

compost soil

What Composting Teaches us about Good Health

    Learn what composting has to do with good health and our gut flora.

purple cabbage ravioli

Permaculture is the answer to Climate Change, GMO’s, Ecological Protection and Big Ag/Factory Farms

As I write this a new documentary is premiering in New York City called “Cowspiracy” that will expose livestock’s role
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can you handle the truth

The Selling of Sickness

Some of us have a higher capacity than others to hear disturbing news. This has to do with our confidence
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green dress made of flower pots

Edible Landscapes and Fairy Gardens

  Our gardens should be sacred spaces and be nourishing physically as well as spiritually. Here are some ideas on
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