Gardening and Permaculture

food choice and sustainability

United Nations Says to Go Vegan

  Many people are aware of animal rights activists and how they wish people to go vegan to help the
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container gardening

Vertical Gardening–The possibilities are Endless

    Okay, here’s an idea for limited space and indoor gardens for greenhouses or in your homes. Lettuces are
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Growing Your Own Food with Anne Osborne

This picture says it all. In just a few generations, the Big Food and Big Ag companies have successfully produced
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happy salad

Saving Your Own Seed–Like Printing Your Own MONEY

  I was not raised eating healthy, knowing how to grow my own food or gardening. These are skills I’ve
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sugar and salt

Salt, Sugar, Fat–How the Food Giants Hooked Us–A must-read book

    I’ve been reading a book by the title Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by
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victory gardens

GMO’s, Rachel Parent and How I would have answered Kevin O’Leary

I watched the above video when it was shared with me and I have to say, I felt the need
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Skewed info from the media fuels denial about real reasons for environmental destruction

  The word “sustainable” is a catch-all phrase much like the word “green” and “natural” is used to get people
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