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Michele Martinez — 47 Years Old

My name is Michele Martinez and I am a Holistic Nuritionist. I earned my PhD in Holistic Nutrition/Natural Hygiene via the University of Natural Health. My studies included nutrition, exercise physiology, fasting and psychoneuroimmunology.

I also have earned my certificate in plant-based nutrition from the Center for Nutrition Studies with the T. Colin Campbell Foundation author of the acclaimed China Study.

I am also a chef. I help people get off of medications like statins, high blood pressure medications, reverse female problems, arthritis, acne, digestive problems, mood disorders and more by changing their FOOD. I do not sell supplements but use a whole-food plant-based diet to achieve this means. See my 30-day menu program to see examples of testimonials and photos of dishes you can eat while losing weight and getting healthier HERE.

If you are in the Boise area, I also make house calls and show up at your house and help you to learn how to fix your food for the week.

I work with doctors to get beginning blood work tested before and after to track your progress and have them adjust your medciations when necessary.

My motto is: “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” Food is powerful medicine. I came to this conclusion after having developed endometriosis from eating a SAD and then vegetarian diet, I found a plant-based diet with no animal products at all got me some relief from my symptoms.

Fabulously Female

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I also am working on video programs for Emotional Self-Defense: being able to show up in relationships and define your wants and needs and effectively and assertively state those needs and be able to keep yourself from feeling taken advantage of and feeling used because you feel guilty for standing up for yourself. It will help work on your self-talk and core beliefs about what you deserve for yourself which often comes into play when you start a new healthier eating program. Thiese skills affect other areas of your life as well.

Another program in the works is my “Detox Your Life” program which will address detox nutritionally for health and weight loss, healthy personal care items made with natural ingredients such as essential oils, organic pest control for inside and outside of the home, and organic cleaning products for laundry, bathroom and house.

I am an avid environmentalist as well as humanitarian and also an ethical vegan. I have been vegetarian for 30 years and vegan for 10 years.

My Youtube Channel has lots of free content with useful advice for you to make wise healthy choices.

Living well to be able to live to 100 and beyond disability is well within all of our grasps.

Let’s get supremely healthy together!


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