Age is But a Number–Defy Aging



These men show that aging is not what we always think it is. Far from it. By eating a healthy plant based diet and by exercising regularly, one can avoid a rest home and have a full, useful life into your 8th, 9th, 10th and yes, even 11th decade as shown by this gentleman:

Joe Rollino was 104 years old when he was hit and killed by a car when crossing the street. He used to be a strong man and was a vegetarian.

joe rollino weightlifting org text



Then there’s Fauja Singh, who ran his first marathon in his 80’s and his last one at age 101. He’s vegetarian.

fauja singh

fauja singh 100 year old vegetarian marathoner


Then there’s Mike Fremont who ran a marathon at age 91:

mike freemont

Yes, age is but a number an it’s never too late to start.

Live well.

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