Asthma–When You Can’t Breathe–Healing it Naturally


Asthma is a scary disease. Not in the cancer sort of a way, but in the “I-can’t-breath-right-now” sort of a way and it feels like you are going to die.

Many people don’t know that dairy foods create an extreme amount of mucous in the lung and airways and cutting out dairy, gluten and sugar go a long way towards eliminating these types of attacks.

The above healthy woman has done just that and is sharing her inspiring below with us. She is now trying to spread her message to others so that they do not have to suffer any further from this scary and debilitating condition.

Meet Sheri:

I suffered from asthma from the age of 9 months until approximately 8 years ago. I was diagnosed when I had to be rushed by my parents to the emergency room for an abscess in my ear that burst. While in the ER the family physician was on staff at the local hospital came in to see me and noticed how distressed my breathing was. He did a few test and informed my parents of his diagnosis. That began many years of inhalers, breathing treatments with nebulizer machines and even some unconventional methods such as black coffee, and massage to manage my symptoms. In spite of all these methods, I would still go to the ER at minimum twice a month. As an adult I had several inhaled corticosteroids( ICS) and emergency inhalers. I was so afraid of my disease that many of my friends had emergency inhalers in their homes in the event I forgot mine and had an attack while visiting them.
I knew I could not continue to live this way and didn’t want to die prematurely. I started doing research to improve my lung health. I learned that I needed to determine if my asthma was environmental, chemical or food related.  I knew a trigger for me was dairy. My father was from Wisconsin and we ate something dairy everyday. I remembered that on the rare occasion that we didn’t eat dairy I used my inhaler a lot less. With that in mind the first food group I eliminated was dairy and I decided to started juicing, without really understanding the full impact. Within the first two months, I had positive results. Whereas, I would normally go to the emergency room twice a month I didn’t go even once in a two-month time period. That got me excited! I cut out all animal protein and set a goal to eat this way for six months I set the 6-month goal because I thought I would miss cheesecake, my favorite desert.
Around that time learned about the raw lifestyle.  I was living in Chicago, IL and went to Karyn Calebrese’s raw food restaurant where fell in love. I attended her workshop on eating healthy and how food affects our bodies. I also sampled her delicious nut loaf and raw lasagna. So raw food became part of my diet. I continued to feel better, and my six-month goal came and went without me realizing it. But what I did take note of was, I didn’t need my inhaler at all!
 I have not used an inhaler in over 8 years.  Since my initial changes, I took the next step of changing my cleaning products and skin care products. My health just continued to improve, my acne cleared up and uterine fibroids disappeared.
Today, I eat 100% plant-based. My home is cleaned with chemical free products and my family and I only use paraben/fragrance free skin care and hair care products. I exercise everyday for 15 minutes and this works for me.
I would recommend anyone who wants to give up their inhaler to start by juicing, especially green leafy vegetables. Eat immune boosting foods and eliminate foods, perfumes and especially toxic chemicals that can trigger an attack. Also, if there are people in your life that cause you unnecessary stress, you may need to change your exposure to them as well. Exercise should be part of your daily routine as well. It doesn’t have to be high impact, but should be movement, i.e. walking, rebounding.
Live Life Healthy,
Sheri Bolden Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, AADP, IHAC Great Day Nutrition, a division of
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