At What Age Does Disease Start?

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So what age would you answer the question: “At What Age Does Disease Start?”

80 years old? 60? 50?

Would you believe BEFORE THE AGE OF 10 YEARS OLD which is how old the boy and girl are in the pictures above? I recently met a woman who got ovarian cancer at the age of 13!!!

Really??? Do you really think all the saturated fat in the Happy Meals from McDonald’s French fries, burgers and milk shakes and in cookies, cakes and pies doesn’t affect them? Well, it’s time to come out of denial and think again because science doesn’t lie:

A landmark paper in 1953 radically changed our view  about the development of heart disease forever. The study looked at a series  of 300 autopsies performed on U.S. battle casualties of the Korean War. The  average age was 22 years old, but 77% of the soldiers’ hearts had gross  evidence—meaning visible-to-the-eye evidence—of coronary atherosclerosis,  hardening of their arteries. Some of them had vessels that were clogged off 90%  or more. As an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical  Association concluded, “This widely cited publication dramatically showed  that atherosclerotic changes appear in the coronary arteries years and decades  before the age at which coronary heart disease (CHD) becomes a clinically  recognized problem.” Follow-up studies on the hearts of thousands more soldiers  over the subsequent years confirmed their results.

How young does it go? Fatty streaks, the first stage of atherosclerosis, were  found in the arteries of 100% of kids by age 10. What’s accounting for this  buildup of plaque even in childhood? In the ‘80s we got our first clue in the  famous Bogalusa heart study. This looked at autopsies of those who  died between the ages of 3 to 26 year-olds, and the #1 risk factor was  cholesterol intake. There was a dramatic stepwise increase in the proportion of  their arteries covered in fatty streaks as the level of bad cholesterol in the  blood increased. As powerful as this was, the study only looked at 30 kids. So  they decided to study 3000: three thousand accidental death victims, ages 15  through 34″

And in the video above, he says EVERY YEAR 1000 teenagers suffer strokes. WOW.

Read more:

Disease takes YEARS to develop, and by the time we actually experience symptoms of disease, it’s been developing in our bodies literally for decades. Trouble is, since we are not like cars and can’t just “pop open our hoods” we live in denial that anything is wrong since we can’t see or feel the damage….YET.

I know of a man that I did an interview with who said that his brain tumor had been growing inside of his head, according to his doctor, for 20 years. He was 34 when diagnosed. What does that tell you? He had complained of headaches for years. Scary thought if your 14 year old starts complaining of a headache, isn’t it?

How can we reverse this trend? By feeding a whole foods, plant-based diet to our kids. See how one family is raising their very healthy child this way:

Check out Levi’s Youtube channel and recipe books. He is not deprived and he loves his food.

I know you love your children and mean well. PLEASE know that the foods we feed our kids affects their health dramatically.

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