Can Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency cause Vitamin D deficiency?


Currently, Vitamin D deficiency is the new fad. Everyone is telling us we need to supplement with vitamin D.

You may think you are getting enough is you live in a sunny climate, however this video below shows us two main reasons why we may not be getting enough:



The two reasons he cited that I wanted to key in on here are two that the MAJORITY of people suffer from:


1) Too high cortisol levels which compete with Vitamin D receptors. High cortisol is caused by too much emotional stress, too much exercise (overtraining or very high intensity levels), coffee, high-glycemic foods like white flour and sugar.

We need to learn to be moderate in our exercise and balance it with stretching and deep breathing to bring our cortisol levels down. Many find that meditation and yoga help them with this.


2) The second reason is a deficiency in the Essential Fatty Acids, particularly Omega 3’s which are found abundantly in leafy greens, flax seeds and chia seeds. Non-vegan sources are fatty fish, but you run the risk of ocean pollutants like mercury being found in those.

This doctor calls these “vitamin F” and says that they are needed to usher in calcium into the skin. Remember from my post here,, that calcium deficiency is a cause of dry skin. Well, so is a fatty acid deficiency. And here’s why: calcium helps the skin make sebum, a substance that acts as a protective layer in the skin to hold moisture.

This protective layer is also what helps plants to not scald in the sun day after day. Notice the doctor mentioned that it would be hard to get a sunburn if you got enough EFA’s.

The second role of calcium in the skin is that it speeds up cell renewal. So when we have a calcium deficiency, we then have dry skin that doesn’t renew as quickly as it should.


The optimum solution for all of these issues? Get out in the sun or garden and EAT YOUR GREENS. These foods have the vitamin A he was talking about which protects your skin in the sun, helps manufacture the good cholesterol for your body to make the Vitamin D hormones, and provides the Omega 3 fats to usher the calcium into your skin and also is an abundant source of this calcium as well.

So two actions solve a calcium, essential fatty acid deficiency and Vitamin D deficiency all in one.


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