Could it be Genetic?


The pharmaceutical companies want people to believe that nutrition can’t control their “genetically inherited” diseases because they want to invent and patent biotechnology that will make them a lot of money.

While we can’t change our DNA, the research in this video shows that through manipulating our nutrition, we CAN change our genetic expression and even inter-generationally.

We are not helpless victims. While there are some very rare genetic diseases that cannot be overcome with nutrition, the vast majority of our diseases are diet and lifestyle related.

My question to you is this: have you even TRIED a low-fat plant-based diet to see if it will make a difference and see if you can indeed alter your genetic expression? You never know, you just might be able to if you give your body a chance.

Many people have halted heart disease, cancer and diabetes even when it “ran in their family”. What also runs in families is eating habits.

Change the food, change the outcome. Simple but not necessarily easy. Neither is a leg amputation, going blind or dialysis or open heart surgery.

“An apply (actually several) a day and avoiding animal foods and vegetable fats keeps the doctor away”.

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