Do You Have a Deadly Personality?


This post is not talking about young children  who don’t have much control over their environment or foods. This is about consenting adults who have the power to act.

I met two individuals recently who gave me pause for thought. One was a woman who told me she had a hysterectomy due to having bled 17 days out of the month and would also get diarrhea that would go for days on end and even after the hysterectomy the diarrhea has continued. When I suggested she try a plant-based diet to help her condition to get some relief, she became offended. Another is a man who tested positive for prostate cancer and who also resisted giving up his plant foods even after seeing evidence that they are implicated strongly in prostate cancer. Both of these people are their own worst enemies. Whether it is due to pride or fear, in the end, their unwillingness to change could very well lead to a colon cancer or recurrence of the prostate cancer. This puzzles me. So I’ve wondered why some people are like Kris Carr who changed after seeing the evidence like she talks about in this video:     I’ve seen similar negativity in some of my closest friends and family members who have either since passed away or are on that path. They have the fatalistic view that their disease is “genetic” and that there is nothing that they can do and that they just need to live with and manage it. My father recently passed away about a month ago and he had this mindset even after telling him that Dr. Roy Swank got excellent results with a low-fat plant-based diet with Multiple Sclerosis patients like him and yet he stubbornly refused to try it. Even after Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn personally called him. He went on to have seven heart attacks which his doctors attributed to his “neurological disease” rather than his rich diet and before he died he exhibited the same signs of dementia that have been shown to be caused by a high-fat diet:   Some people are more comfortable being in the victim role rather than taking responsibility for their lives. And their lives will be cut short as a result. The genetic myth keeps them trapped there and gives them an excuse not to act.   If you look at those who live long lives you will find a very positive mental outlook that is very resilient in them. You will also find fierce self-discipline. They take responsibility for doing what it takes to stay well because they love life and want to be here a long time. I think underneath those who make fatalistic decisions and just give up is a desperation and sense of hopelessness that they haven’t yet figure out how to be happy in life. There is something they haven’t confronted yet and moved past and the illness either forces them to do it or it hastens their demise. We each have forks we come to in the roads of our lives and we each have decisions we have to make. Nobody can live your life for you except you. Healing your body begins with healing your heart and your toxic thoughts. And it means facing your fears and gaining some courage to live out loud in spite of what others may think of you. Part of the cancer personality is someone who has disconnected from their feelings a long time ago and submerged them because feelings were unacceptable to feel in an unsafe environment and they have never found some way or some one to trust fully to open up to. We make our choices in food and exercise based on our outlook on the hope of the future and if the future looks grim and hopeless with more pain and suffering then why live longer to endure that? THIS is what must be addressed in order to heal.   Then you must get good information and have the humility to have an open mind to it and then try it:     I’ve given you a lot of material to mull over in this post. If you have a life-threatening illness, please take the time to examine in your heart of hearts what you really want out of life and ask yourself what this illness is trying to teach you and what you are willing to learn from it. Only YOU can turn this around. Not your doctor. Not your spouse. YOU.

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