Fruit is the Original Fast Food

fruit the original fast food

I’m reading Michael Moss’ book Salt, Sugar, Fat about how incredibly devious the food industry has been on getting Americans addicted to processed foods. I highly recommend you read this book so these foods can lose their power over you. They are literally killing you, getting you fat, with clogged arteries and low self-esteem. Quite frankly, the further I get into this book, the madder I get.

Why? Just like the tobacco companies, who eventually bought these food companies and used the same strategies of deceit to sell their products, these companies have DESIGNED on PURPOSE their products to be addictive so that you will buy more and become life-long customers.

And, they market to children to get them hooked early and to by-pass their critical thinking skills which haven’t kicked in yet.

They have also exploited another human need that has become greater and greater since the 1950’s: the need for convenience in an ever-increasing fast-paced world that places greater and greater demands on our time. We understandably look for ways to streamline our schedules and FAST and processed foods fit that bill.

That’s why I am writing this post. Why do I eat a raw plant-based diet?

Number one, it makes me look and feel great and it tastes great. I absolutely feel my best and have the highest energy and best digestion eating this way.

Number two: it’s convenient. It’s as easy or hard as I make it. Sure, I can make recipes that require more time, but I also can make it as easy as peeling a banana or an orange or biting into a nectarine.

It literally could not be any easier. And making fresh-squeezed orange juice is not THAT much longer to prepare than making Tang. And it tastes WAY better.


What could be easier than popping a blueberry in your mouth? It’s certainly as convenient as an M & M and way better for you and tastes great.

And, if you pre-freeze bananas, it’s fairly quick to make your own ice cream, too.

strawberry ice cream

You are not a bad person for wanting and needing convenience. Not by a long shot. But what are you trading for that convenience when eating fast food or processed foods?

Why bother with cooking and washing dishes when you can just peel and eat? Or forget the peel and eat berries?

Have the best of both worlds and use fruit as the most convenient, fast food available that’s also delicious and healthy for you.

Your body will thank you.

fuel bananas

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