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Many good-hearted people donate money to various fund-raising organizations because they have had either a friend, neighbor or relative affected by breast cancer.

While the motive behind this is admirable, what is never told to people is that dairy products are highly correlated to breast, prostate and colo-rectal cancers.

The reason for this is IGF-1, otherwise known as Insulin Growth Factor, which is designed to promote cell growth. Dairy foods are loaded with it because cows milk is designed to bring a baby calf to a full-grown cow very quickly.

In addition, many dairy cows are injected with other hormones which also contribute to the problem.

Vegetable oils also contribute because they are high in Omega 6 essential fatty acids which promote inflammation when not in balance with Omega 3.

A dairy-free, oil-free, plant-based diet is the absolute best way to set yourself up for a disease free life and to try and reverse breast cancer if you have it.

And drinking lots of fresh vegetable juices.

Charlotte Gerson, daughter of the late Dr. Max Gerson, who helped many cancer patients return to health, also uses this same protocol for healing. See how Charlotte Gerson healed herself after a hip fracture which normally would have been fatal at age 90. Notice that being dairy-free STRENGTHENED the bones, rather than weakened them. This has been a marketing myth of the dairy industry for decades:



Please share this information with loved ones. It is too important for people to not know.


I have interviewed both Dr. Ruth Heidrich, who got breast cancer in her 40’s as a marathon runner, and had surgery to remove the tumor, then switched to a plant-based diet and is still running marathons in her late 70’s (and has great bone density) and Janette Murray-Wakelin, who got breast cancer in her 50’s and went raw vegan and is now cancer free and running a marathon a day for a full year across Australia to spread the word. Janette wrote an e-book “Raw Can Cure” to show how she did it.

You can read about their stories in my e-book “Powered by Plants”:


Powered by Plants

There are so many great dairy substitutes that one does not need to eat dairy. I designed my recipe book desserts to replace ice cream, cake and cookies with delicious non-dairy, no-oil recipes so that you can make the transition easily:

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Enjoy your health and be well.

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