High-Fat/Low-Carb or High Sugar/Low-fat–Which is Best?


The above video is a fascinating look at a hot debate that seems to be an on going controversy in the diet and health world as to which diet, Low-Carb/High Fat such as Atkins or the HighSugar/Low-Fat such as Dr. John McDougall promotes is better for heart disease, weight loss or preventing cancer.

Well, two doctors who are twins designed a 30-day study in which they each tried separate diets opposite each other and measured the effects on their blood sugar, body fat, mental performance and physical athletic performance.
The video in full is an hour long, but the results may surprise you.

The twin doctor who ate the high-fat, no carb lost more weight, but more if it was muscle. He also had worse mental focus and physical endurance and was pre-diabetic at the end of the 30 days.

So weight loss is sometimes deceiving.

Now not all fats are created equal nor are all carbohydrates. We need the Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3’s and 6’s) found in flax seeds, hemp seeds, nuts and other seeds, but we do not need saturated or monounsaturated fats since our bodies make all that we need but cannot make the EFA’s.

And, some carbohydrates such as pure sugar are completely lacking in micronutrients such as minerals that are essential to health so while this study had the doctor eating a bunch of refined sugar, fruits have many anti-oxidants and fiber that pure sugar doesn’t.

Finally, the point that they make about weight gain at the end is interesting. Combining sugar AND fat is a deadly combination when it comes not only to blood sugars but self-control. It’s a combo we humans can’t resist and doesn’t exist in nature in the 50/50 ratio in donuts, pizza and potato chips that are so “addictive”.

Thus a high-carbohydrate diet that is rich in micro-nutrients and supplemented with lots of mineral rich vegetables and Essential Fatty Acids is the ideal diet for humans!

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