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Powered by Plants

Powered By Plants E-book


Today more than ever, people are getting disease at younger and younger ages. Children especially, but we are seeing an aging population who’s health status and quality of living are declining. It’s putting a burden on the health care system, economy and families.

Emotionally, the losses are dramatic. If you’ve ever endured the loss of a family member or friend way too early, you know what I am talking about. And the loss of independence, quality of life and self-esteem, not to mention not feeling well for the individual afflicted is staggering.

As a society, athletes are looked at as the pinnacle of health and fitness. So when they get sick, it’s a canary in the coal mine. The traditional diet being popularized in books, gyms and the media, is a high-animal protein diet.

I’ve interviewed several athletes who have developed health challenges while on that diet and how those reversed when they switched over to a plant-based diet and their performance sky-rocketed. When you read these people’s stories, you will be amazed.

Animal protein will be showed to NOT be as important to fitness, health and muscle-building as many currently believe. These athletes eat very little protein as percentage of total calories overall, and eat ZERO animal protein and are accomplishing everything from  running hundreds of miles, winning Olympic Gold Medals, and  living fit and arthritis-free in their 7th and 8th decades of life.

You will meet Forks Over Knives star Dr. Ruth Heidrich who overcame breast cancer while in her 40’s and now still runs ultra-marathons at the age of 78. Yes, you read that right, that is not a typo. This woman is almost 80 and runs 100-mile races.


You’ll meet Janette Murray Wakelin who got breast cancer in her 50’s went raw vegan and now is cancer-free and running a marathon a day across Australia for a full year with her partner.

raw can cure

You’ll meet Kathleen Leonard, mother of three, who managed her own and her daughter’s rheumatoid arthritis with a plant-based diet and is an ultra-runner in her 40’s.

kathleen leonard running

You’ll meet raw vegan bodybuilder and personal trainer Charlie Abel who shows that it’s training technique and not animal protein that builds muscle

Charlie Abel Blue bathing suit front shot

and Chris Califano who built an equally impressive physique on plant protein alone and who’s genetic structure did NOT make him naturally muscular

chirs califano ab shot

A popular idea floating around in diet circles is that carbs and fruit make you fat. You’ll meet two fitness models who make their living in being in bikini-contest ready shape who eat lots of fruit and aren’t fat. Sofia Sabeti and Erin Simpson show that you CAN have your fruit and eat it, too:

sofia sabeti blue bikini

Sofia Sabeti

erin simpson red bikini posing

Erin Simpson

Finally, you’ll meet some high-energy people who learned the proper mind-set to successfully change and take charge of their health and their lives. Dear friend and inspiration Windlord, started eating plant-based despite being a die-hard meat eater and never felt better and had more energy.

Multi-national champion canoeist Pam Boteler, learned through trial and error that health is a priority and she knows what to do to keep herself in top shape

pam boteler with oar

We see so few examples in the media and otherwise showing that it CAN be done on a plant-based diet. In fact, not only can it be done, but people often feel tons better when doing it.

Learn how disease is built in the body and what signs to look for and how to prevent it.

Keep an open mind when presented with the other side of the story and see these REAL LIFE people who are actually doing it and thriving. Vegans are not weak, sickly and emaciated! Far from suffering from protein deficiencies, these people are taking life by storm!

One you are armed with this information, you can then make an informed decision and  choose for yourself what path is right for you.

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