Powered by Plants


Plant-based athletes who are endurance runners, bodybuilders, fitness competitors and a multi-national champion canoeist who are healing from disease and fueling their body with the healing power from plants.

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Ever considered going on a plant-based diet but didn’t because you were worried you wouldn’t get all the nutrients you needed especially protein?

Ever wanted to get fit and lean and the advice you got from your trainer at your gym was that you needed lots of animal protein in order to build muscle?

Do you suffer from allergies, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, digestive and skin problems and are confused about all the information out there on how to solve it? Did you even know you could solve these problems most of the time just by changing your diet?

In “Powered By Plants” I share with you stories of some very FIT people’s and how they got fit, lean and healthy by going on a plant-based diet, many of them even eating 100% raw produce only.

Some of the all-stars you will read about are:

Dr. Ruth Heidrich–in her 70’s , star of Forks Over Knives, Ironman Competitor and breast cancer survivor who is still running and competing.



Janette Wakelin–“Running Raw Around Australia”–marathoner who came down with breast cancer in her 50’s, went raw vegan and is now running a marathon a day around Australia for a full year with her partner at age 63.


raw can cure

Kathleen Leonard– in her 40’s, mother of 3, ultra-runner and triathlete who manages her and her daughter’s rheumatoid arthritis with a plant-based diet


kathleen leonard running



Charlie Abel–raw vegan bodybuilder/personal trainer in his 50’s  who transformed his physique from thin to buff with proper training principles that he teaches in his own book and kept all his muscle after switching his diet to a  100% raw high-fruit plant-based diet

Charlie Abel Blue bathing suit front shot





Chris Califano–raw vegan bodybuilder/personal trainer in his mid-50’s  who also trains his clients with super-precise training techniques and has built a mountain of muscle while eating nothing but 100% raw plants.


chirs califano ab shot



Sofia Sabeti–raw vegan fitness competitor in her 20’s who is ultra-lean and bikini ready while eating all she wants of raw creations that she makes herself as a raw chef and shares her recipes in her new e-book just released.


sofia sabeti blue bikini



Erin Simpson– In her 30’s and a mother, this high-energy, ultra-fit fitness competitor switched her diet right before contest time with no ill results and was able to fuel her competition routine with the sweet sugar from fruits without losing muscle definition.


erin simpson red bikini posing



Windlord–who was a die-hard meat eater who challenged his beliefs and experimented and had such good results he never looked back. His super-high energy is noticeable to peers and his fitness routine rivals that of any fitness competitor.

Pam Boteler–Multi-national champion canoeist who has experimented with all sorts of diets and has learned through trial and error that plant-based gives her the energy and good digestion needed to take it to the top.

pam boteler with oar





All of these people share their wealth of wisdom on how to succeed and get the fitness and health you desire.

In addition, I share with you how disease is really built and avoided by understanding the stages of disease development and why it develops in the body and how to notice it’s development before major symptoms appear and it’s too late. I also share my own story of being a fitness instructor and  how eating the SAD diet brought on my own ill-health and what I did to get it back.

I also debunk some popular dieting myths along the way.

May you find this book a source of inspiration and may it change your life the way that we were able to change ours!




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