Rancid Oils and the Brain

This experience was taken from the book “Adrenal Fatigue” and the information MAY be pertinent to the nuts you consume or possibly avocados depending on how fresh they are:

Sam, a young medical student was taking a final exam in the CPR course required as part of his internship program. Because of their medical background, this multiple choice exam, is usually a slam dunk for medical students. However, Sam failed the exam. The instructor was very surprised, as Sam was one of the top students in the school, and so called him in front of the class and asked him how he could possibly have failed the exam.

Sam explained to the instructor that he was sensitive to rancid oils and that he had accidentally consumed some rancid oils in the fish and chips he had eaten in the school cafeteria at noon, just before he had taken the test. He further explained that rancid oils rendered him unable to think clearly for a number of hours after their consumption. However, he had learned from experience that an apple helped him counteract the effects of rancid oils in his body, so he asked the instructor if he could go to the cafeteria, eat an apple, and retake the test. The instructor looked incredulously at him, but because he was one of the top students and his test score was so out of line with his usual performance, he granted this unusual request. The student ate the apple, took the test, and made 100% on the test he had failed 1/2 hour earlier. The difference was that the effects of the rancid oil on his brain had been neutralized by something in the apple.

At other times this young man became nearly comatose if he consumed rancid oils. At first he would just become very sleepy, but as the rancid oil reaction progressed, he would find himself unable to move, although he remained aware of everything that was happening around him. To others, it aeared that he was sleeping, but he was in fact temporarily paralyzed by the rancid oil’s effect on his brain. His friends had learned to ask him if he wnted an apple whever he seemed suspiciously sleepy and to ut a piece of apple in his mouth if he did not answer them. In this state he was sometimes unable to even move his mouth to chew the apple slice, so they would move his jaw up and down to help him chew the apple. After only a few moments, he would go from being unable to move to being normal once again. If left on his own he would sleep for two to three hours and wake up with a hangover that would last for approximately 24 hours.

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