Raw Food and Beauty


What we eat can have a dramatic effect on our appearance and our self-esteem and how we age. I remember when I used to see people with the above characteristics and think “how did that get that way”?

Now I know. Our body becomes the collecting ground of what we eat, drink and smoke.

smokers lungs


We may not genetically have high cheekbones or pretty features, but there’s still a LOT we can do to look our best. Raw foods that are low in fat fit that bill. Animal products and white flour along with trans fats are big beauty robbers, too, as are sodas, sugar and caffeine.

coffee stains your teeth

A beautiful white smile is one of the most inviting aspects of a persons face, along with clear, sparkling eyes and raw foods with their anti-oxidants and vitamin A for the eyes and calcium and magnesium in the teeth via leafy greens keep both in top shape. Look at Lillian Muller who’s been on a high-raw plant-based diet for decades and is now in her 60’s and has written a book entitled “Feel Great, Be Beautiful Over 40”


Tonya Zavasta, who has written a book called “Your Right to Be Beautiful” shows how a raw plant-based diet can keep you young and beautiful:


The tricks are, we want to keep the salt low (it causes water retention and bags under the eyes and dries out the skin), the fat low as it collects as cellulite and double chins, the water-content high in juices and raw fruits and vegetables and no animal products. While animal foods have a very high fat content, they also wreak your posture by leaching calcium from your bones.

However, a plant-based diet is not a guarantee of beauty if you’re eating a lot of fats and white flours and sugars. Even the gorgeous Mimi Kirk, who’s been vegetarian for decades increased her beauty when she went from cooked to raw vegan:


And raw foods that are low in fat, keep your figure in bikini shape no matter what decade of life you are in. These two beauties, Lillian Muller who was mentioned earlier and Karyn Calabrese, who owns raw food restaurants in Chicago, Illinois and has written recipe books with raw foods, are both in their 60’s and look fantastic:



Even former supermodel Carol Alt has written raw food recipe books extolling the benefits raw foods had on her energy levels and looks:

carol alt raw food

And forever young Goldie Hawn and Jaclyn Smith have credited their good looks to juicing:

jaclyn smith

Goldie Hawn


While Karyn and Lillian admit to having had breast augmentation, the rest has been unaltered. And while Jaclyn Smith and Goldie Hawn may have had face surgery, there is still a glow there and they are not entirely raw nor plant-based and Goldie smokes. So, if you give raw foods a chance, these are not hollow promises. Our bodies very efficiently process natural, raw foods and we get all the nutrients we need from them.

There is no need to envy others’ beauty when you can cultivate your own “beauty garden” and look the very best you.

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