Raw Vegan Diets–Healing is in your hands

raw can cure

Their is massive ignorance by the general public about the powerful link between our health and the nutrition we choose to put into our mouths.

We have been taught to believe that food doesn’t matter. When people come down with various diseases and ask their doctors about what diet they should eat, they are given murky advice often (some are waking up and finally recommending a plant-based diet for various conditions) but oftentimes, the hospital food is the absolute WORST food recovering patients should be eating.

People are often so confused as to what to eat because they are getting so much confusing information from seemingly credible sources. T. Colin Campbell really lifts the veil on the motives of some of these so-called unbiased sources in his latest book “Whole” and helps to make clear which direction is best to take in that book and his other book “The China Study”: eat whole plant foods and avoid refined foods and animal foods.

My advice would be to take the next step and EAT THEM UNCOOKED OR RAW.

I use my common sense when making this recommendation since there really aren’t studies that have been done on the effects of raw versus cooked.

I look at individuals like these and SEE glowing health compared to their peers and realize that those results are coming from what they do:

Raw vegan Tasha Lee healing her Type 1 Diabetes with a raw high-fruit low-fat diet:

Tasha in hot pink cropped

Robby Barbaro who is doing the same diet for his Type 1 Diabetes:

robby barbaro brothers wedding

Lillian Muller in her 60’s who is 80% raw for over 30 years and her daughter who has been vegan since birth (she’s had chicken when living with her dad for a couple years) in her 20’s:

lillian and alice white dress black suit

Raw vegan author Tonya Zavasta who is in her 50’s and looks smashing:


Raw Vegan chef Mimi Kirk who just turned 75 and still ravishing:


Forever young raw vegan for over 40 years Annette Larkins who is in her 70’s:

annette red smiling

Sofia Sabeti healed her PCOS by going raw vegan and is now a raw vegan chef and fitness competitor:

sofia sabeti blue bikini

Tonya Kay healed her bi-polar depression and got off medication with a low-glycemic raw diet and is a performer:


Raw foods don’t just keep you young looking they help heal the body. They don’t take too much energy to digest and help the body in its efforts at repairing damaged DNA.

Jane Plant healed her breast cancer by going vegan and drinking LOTS of vegetable juices like carrot and fennel and some apple juice. She says she feels this helped her to not lose her hair while doing chemo. When she removed dairy products (she was already essentially vegan but eating two small yoghurts a day) from her diet, the cancer which had come back five times dissolved in six weeks.

And my e-book “Fabulously Female” shows women who have overcome endomestriosis, PCOS, fibroids, breast and cervical cancer, menopause, and ovarian cysts naturally through a plant-based diet:

Fabulously Female

You can order it here: http://www.thefruitdoctor.com/product/fabulously-female-e-book/

The Gerson Therapy uses a similar diet with tons of raw juices to help heal a wide variety of diseases.

I was able to resolve my endometriosis on a raw diet.

What are some common mistakes people make on a “raw” diet?

1) Eating too much or too little. We need a “Goldilocks” of “just right”. We can gain weight by eating too many raw fats or too much for our daily activity needs, or we can eat too little and that leads to bingeing. Check out your daily caloric needs based on your activity level and eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in that calorie amount and limit fats.

2) Adding a lot of salt and vinegar and agave and other refined foods. These are not healthful items and create acidity in the body. Same with drinking coffee and tea that has caffeine in it.

3) Eating too much fat. Many raw diets have a lot of fats from nuts, avocadoes, coconuts and oils in it. It causes people to gain weight and feel sluggish. Most don’t do well with this diet and eventually go off of it. Get the majority of your calories from fruit and vegetables, mostly fruit, and limit the fats to a small portion, less than 10% of calories. This is smaller than you think.

This way of eating may take some time to work. It’s not an overnight fix. But it does work and it’s helped thousands of people.

Give it 90 days. That’s all. Take blood tests before the 90 days and then after and see the difference.

If you or a loved one is dealing with a serious disease see Valya Boutenko’s DVD: “Healing the Irreversible” where people who have cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and many other diseases heal by drinking raw green and fruit smoothies.

Please do not give up hope or be scared into expensive and debilitating treatments or medicines before you try the raw diet first. You can even do the raw diet WHILE you do your other treatment which certainly can’t hurt it.

Janette Murray Wakelin healed her breast cancer with a raw vegan high-fruit diet and is running a marathon a day across Australia for a full year to spread the word and wrote a book “Raw Can Cure”.

These are not isolated cases. They are few in number because people don’t know about these options and are scared out of trying them.

Raw diets are enjoyable and taste wonderful. Please do not be afraid to try it.


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