Resolving Female Problems Naturally

Fabulously Female

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Are you happy to be female? Or, are you like a lot of women and have fibroids, endometriosis, poly cystic ovary syndrome or ovarian cysts? How about menopause? How is that going for you?

What about breast or cervical cancer? Do you know of anyone who is dealing with those issues? How about avoiding all those invasive and debilitating treatments and surgeries and healing them naturally?

I started eating well because of extremely painful endometriosis. I have been able to completely resolve it and want to share this information so that other women don’t have to suffer.

In my e-book, I outline how I did it and also share with you the stories of other women who healed their female problems and went back to thriving.

You will hear from fitness competitor Sofia Sabeti and how she healed her PCOS naturally:

sofia barn

You will hear from Alison Andrews on how she overcame her endometriosis naturally:

alison andrews

You will hear from Elainie on how she resolved her breast cancer and shrunk her fibroids naturally:

elainie r

You will hear from Leanne on how she resolved her ovarian cysts so she could get pregnant and have a baby:


Lastly, we will see interviews with raw food authors Mimi Kirk and Tonya Zavasta on their menopause experience and advice:

mimi beigetonya navy blue

As you can see, all of these women are beautiful and thriving today, a FAR cry from the myriads of women still in pain and who have been mutilated and scarred by the medical route in treating these problems.

I wish you the JOY of being a woman.

In peace,

The Fruit Doctor

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