Staying Bikini Fit During the Wintertime




Well, it’s the end of August and summer is almost officially over. The holidays with their rich foods are looming on the horizon and many people often gain weight during the winter time with the cold weather and fatty and sugary foods.

I am working on a recipe book due out soon that hopefully will put an end to all of that. The photo above is of the fabulously fit and slender and YOUNG -looking 60-year old Lillian Muller who eats a mostly high raw vegan diet. She  is from Norway and stays in bikini-shape by eating a clean diet and  getting regular exercise.

So does fitness and bikini competitor Sofia Sabeti, who is coming out with her own recipe e-book soon on what she eats (she is also a raw chef) and her training routine. She lives in Canada which is known for its cold weather.


 sofia sabeti plum bikini

Fitness competitor Erin Simpson also eats a 100% raw vegan diet and keeps in shape all year round while living in cold, blistery Canada:

erin simpson red bikini posing

You do not have to sacrifice your health nor your looks this winter time.

Imagine, you can eat THIS:

or Raw Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches. I call them Fruitie Cuties:

Or this for breakfast:

My philosophy is that you CAN in fact have it all: great health, great looks, long life and great tasting food. Why not?

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Powered by Plants

You can read Lillian’s interview here:

and here:

Let’s make this the BEST winter EVER!!!

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