When Vegans Get Cancer


A lot of people have read T. Colin Campbell’s book “The China Study” and read about how rats fed casein protein from dairy got cancer whereas when protein was reduced to less than 5% of calories the tumors shrunk.

Jane Plant, used a vegan diet to shrink her breast cancer after realizing that Asian women don’t get breast cancer as often as Western women and they also don’t consume dairy foods due to lactose intolerance:

Jane’s Story

In 1993 despite several operations, 35 radiotherapy treatments, irradiation to induce the menopause and  chemotherapy treatments. I was told I had only months to live after my breast cancer returned for the 5th time.  At this point I had a large solid lump the size of half a small boiled egg sticking out of my neck just above my collar bone.  I felt awful and looked very pale, thin and ill.  Despite the awfulness of my situation, my scientific knowledge and experience clicked in to save my life.

My husband Peter (who is a Professor of Geology) and I had both worked in China on environmental problems in the past.  I suddenly remembered that a wonderful epidemiological atlas presented to me by my Chinese colleagues showed a background rate of breast cancer of 1 in 100,000 women., compared to a rate of one in ten in much of the West.  I had checked that the information was correct with senior academics that I knew well in China and also with some Chinese doctors  who told me that they had hardly seen a case of breast cancer in their careers.

This was surprising because I knew that Chinese women living on western diets for example in Singapore or in Chinatown in Britain did have breast cancer.  I  asked Peter the question that I believe saved my life. “why don’t Chinese women in China get breast cancer?” We brainstormed the subject for just a few minutes and quickly decided that it must  be diet related.  We then remembered two incidents.  Peter remembered  when his Chinese colleagues had produced  powdered cows milk on a field expedition for him because they did not drink it themselves, in fact at that time in the early 80’s they did not even have a dairy industry.  I remembered  when we had  had Chinese visitors in London and offered them dairy even ice cream their reaction to it was the way I would react if I had been offered  a bowl of cockroaches to eat.

I decided I had nothing to lose by giving up the two low fat yoghurts I was eating a day each day.  To my and everyone else’s amazement the cancer disappeared in six weeks.  The rest of my diet at the time was vegan and I still maintain a mainly vegan diet to this day.

Of course overcoming my cancer was not as simple as just giving up dairy.  In fact there are 10 dietary factors and 10 lifestyle factors that are important in preventing and treating cancer.  This applies not only to Breast and Prostate cancer but all cancers.  All of these dietary and lifestyle factors will be on this site and will be kept regularly updated



These last 10 factors are important. What are some of those other factors that are also “vegan” that can cause cancer?

Well, as the above video with Charlotte Gerson, daughter of the late Dr. Max Gerson who had great success using a low-fat vegan diet to help cancer patients recover showed, Omega 6 vegetable fats are pro-inflammatory and can cause tumors to regrow. So do saturated fats.

Gerson also showed how SALT is something critical for cancer patients to give up and indeed Japan has one of the highest salt consumptions in the world and also has one of the highest rates of stomach cancer in the world. Salt is heavily used by both cooked and raw vegans alike.

Other cancer-causing agents are pesticides and chemicals like aspartame. These all are consumed by some vegans.

Finally, not to be overlooked, are environmental toxins. Janette Murray-Wakelin was a vegan marathon runner who got breast cancer which she believes is from an accident when she was painting her boat with toxic waterproof marine paint that fell all over her and absorbed into her skin as well as her exposure to radiation in Japan when they sailed near there.

Interestingly, she was able to resolve this cancer without chemo or radiation by going on a RAW plant-based diet.

I have an interview of her and another cancer survivor in my book, “Powered By Plants” :



Being vegan is not in and of itself a panacea against disease because the term “vegan” is mostly describing what one DOESN’T eat: animal foods. Raw plant foods have protective qualities but there is a limit. I know raw vegans who smoke marijuana and take ecstacy and drink coffee and skimp on their sleep. And, as we’ve discussed, there are plenty of “vegan” foods that are not healthy.

Also, many traditional vegan dishes are made from GMO soy products as well as many processed sweeteners and flours.

Anything that causes inflammation in the body can initiate cancer. What is inflammation? It is the body’s response to INJURY.

We need to stop injuring ourselves with chemicals that were never meant to go inside of the body. This includes some vegan foods.

While it’s great to transition using dairy-substitutes for ice cream and cheese etc, it’s better to use whole foods.

One of the reasons I developed my new recipe book is because the traditional vegan ice creams didn’t agree with me not to mention they were loaded with salt and fake sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup:



Take things up a notch and clean up your environment as much as you can. Support your immune system with as many low-fat raw plants and vegetables and eliminate salt, fake sweeteners and fats as much as possible. Buy organic as much as possible and eliminate GMO’s. This will give your body a fighting chance against our ever toxic environment that we live.

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