You Already Know What to do –What’s holding you back? Just DO IT

just do it

The reason you haven’t done it yet boils down to one thing: you are seeking COMFORT.

You are either using fatty, salty, sugary foods to cope with anxiety and stress and they provide a source of calm and comfort during the day, or you are seeking comfort from the “discomfort” from exercise.

Here’s two ways out of this:

1) Seek alternative ways of comfort. Join a support group, call a friend, get a massage and soothe the anxiety in other ways instead of foods/drink.

2) Join a gym or class for social support to exercise with or a running group or personal trainer to get through the initial “discomfort” phase until you reach that exercise high and you miss it and it actually becomes a way of coping with stress.

Find substitutes for your favorite recipes (Like my Decadently Free Desserts recipe book).

And then set a time goal of doing something for 90 days. That is enough time to see results and set new habits.

And then?

“Just Do it”

just do it 2



Be Well,

The Fruit Doctor

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