You are Being Lied to: Monsanto, Big Pharma and Big Food–the Unholy Trinity–my rant

So the above video is from Chris, a young man who was able to beat stage 3 colon cancer via natural means after surgery using a raw vegan diet. Janette Murray Wakelin healed herself of breast cancer via a raw vegan diet.

T. Colin Campbell talks about how you will not learn about natural methods of healing disease because THERE IS NO PROFIT IN IT.

So what inspired this post and rant aside from the above videos?? Well, I’ve been blogging about the “Sat, Sugar, Fat” book for awhile now and how Big Food is deceiving us, but then  Mike Adams the health ranger wrote a blog post about TED no longer allowing speakers who talk about the link between  vaccines and Autism or people against GMO’s–calling it junk science. That blog post was shared by Robyn O’Brien on her  Facebook page and a few hours later it was DELETED.

And here’s the original e-mail:

Robyn  authored “Unhealthy Truth” which talks about Donald Rumsfeld’s career before becoming Secretary of Defense as president of Searle the company that invented Aspartame and how their PR firm employees applied for jobs at the FDA in order to get Aspartame approved even though studies showed that it caused brain seizures. Of course. the public never knew about this. She also talks about GMO’s and food colorings that are banned in other countries but allowed in foods here.

I do not like censorship. secrecy or lies and there is all three  from Monsanto, Big Pharma and Big Food. They all are destroying your health and they all don’t want you to know it. and if you DO know it. they want to silence you and keep you in fear.

Why? Because they are scared that you will take your power back because their power lays in their LIES.

Only a deceived public will willingly eat Big Food’s frankenfoods believing they are harmless..

Only a deceived public will submit to chemo and radiation instead of adopting a diet of raw fruits and vegetables.

Only a deceived public will eat Genetically Modified Foods and not boycott them.

An informed public realizes that it’s only with their money all these industries thrive—and that money is the blood in their veins, and if people stopped paying for these foods and services that they would literally die.

So they keep up their deceptive PR campaigns masking as science, convincing you that you are stupid and don’t know anything and to just trust them as they are the scientists who know it all. Above all. don’y ask questions or talk back.


you are being lied to


So I ask you, indeed plead with you: what action plan are you going to take today to eat healthier? What action plan are you going to take today to stop buying/eating GMO’s?

Will you take the time to read Chris’ site and share it with a friend?


Will you read T. Colin Campbell’s new book “Whole” and educate yourself about the medical/science community?

Please don’t procrastinate on these steps.



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