Whale Watching and Why I’m so Passionate about Recycling and Re-usable Bags

plastic on sealplastic on beachplastic in turtlegut plastic


I am an avid lover of the ocean and marine life. Many people are. And yet, many people don’t realize that the plastic bags that they get from grocery and retail stores often end up in our oceans and killing marine life. Garbage barges will take their garbage and dump it out to sea. Plastic bags have been banned in many countries and many cities across the United States but not all.

pacific garbage patch

great pacific garbage patch

I have many re-usable bags that I sell in my online store on this site. You do not have to buy mine, but whichever you choose, please don’t use plastic.

Protect our beautiful oceans and the precious creatures that live in it. See my recent Whale Watching trip in the beautiful Monterey Bay and why this is a topic near and dear to my heart:

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