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Reversing Long Time Illness and Eliminating Medications: Meet the Shaddock’s

Take control back of your health with diet and lifestyle changes! When I began working with the Shaddock’s they were
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Suzanna with new book

Suzanna McGee’s new book for Plant-based athletes

  I recently had the privilege of sitting down for lunch in Venice, California with Suzanna McGee. She is a
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rachel godwin pink bikini

Raw Vegan Fitness Competitor Rachel Godwin

    Many fitness competitors would be afraid to go vegan for fear that it would cause them to lose
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suzanna mcgee double bicep

Raw Vegan Tennis Coach and former Ms. Natural Olympia Bodybuilder Suzanna McGee

  I love profiling people who break the mold, and Suzanna McGee definitely does that. As you can see from
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mimi beige

Cope with Menopause and Osteoporosis Naturally

  As women get older, they all go through menopause. For some, the transition is very smooth, but for others
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Fabulously Female

Resolving Female Problems Naturally

Order here: Fabulously Female E-book   Are you happy to be female? Or, are you like a lot of women
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Ed Smith Texas Mayor goes vegan

Ed Smith–Texas Mayor goes vegan, and then helps town to go vegan

  I came across an exciting article the other day: I am Facebook friends with Amanda Smith, a lovely vegan
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tao porchon lynch holding toes

Tao Porchon-Lynch–95 year old yoga instructor–Prepare to be inspired

  Tao Porchon-Lynch is truly a role model to aspire to. Positive, fun, determined, gentle and aging as gracefully as
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Asthma–When You Can’t Breathe–Healing it Naturally

Asthma is a scary disease. Not in the cancer sort of a way, but in the “I-can’t-breath-right-now” sort of a
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